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Myhockeyhawk99 about 17 hours ago

Pot Roast Poutine

The Beaver scores a culinary 'Hat Trick' as I can't decide whether Chicken Tenders (yes, they really are tender!), the Cowboy Burger (bacon, cheddar, topped with a crunchy onion ring...what's not to like?), or Pot Roast Poutine (last but in no way least--I mean, c'mon, what could be more comfortably yummy?) is my favorite.

Lfrenette27 2 months ago

Poutine Flight

I was blown away by the curry and mushroom gravies! Delicious!!

Victorianite 3 months ago


Who doesn't love poutine?!? This is some of the best and might be the only place you can find poutine and hockey in one place! They have 4 options of gravy (which is great for me as a vegetarian). Please go and enjoy the poutine!

Akotchon 3 months ago

Poutine Flight

Poutine and Nanaimo bar flight was perfect for 2 homesick Canadians! While it may be controversial to some to have non-custard fillings, we enjoyed trying the different flavours of Nanaimo bar and poutine. Add a couple of Caesars to the mix and it's a perfect Canadian lunch :)

Angelamoran26 4 months ago


I have been searching everywhere in Seattle for some high-quality poutine and finally found it! Angry beaver is our favorite place for hockey, trivia, and meeting up with friends. Food and drinks and atmosphere all perfect.

Madisonamelotte 4 months ago

Poutine Flight

Run, don't walk to get Angry Beavers poutine flight. It what cheese curd and gravy dreams are made of. It's the best snack (or meal) to accompany a beer!!!

Georgerray 4 months ago

Black & Blue

Damn good burger.

Amatyshock 5 months ago

Poutine Flight

The poutine flight was amazing! A great way to try all of the house made gravy's and fill up. The Beechers cheese curds are always a great touch.

Jward 5 months ago

Black & Blue

My last meal at the Angry Beaver was the Black & Blue burger. It was a gold medal moment with soaring taste buds followed by a contently filled tummy . I scored with a very good meal at a fair price, a cold pint of beer and many friendly patrons. I call that the Angry Beaver Hat Trick or just another Thursday night.

Robert 6 months ago

French Dip

The Angry Beaver's French Dip is probably the best you will have in The Seattle area. I have sought long and hard. I've tried many a Dip. But I always come back to the Beaver. What more can be said?

Dangerdan27 6 months ago

Poutine Flight

The poutine flight at Angry Beaver is awesome! All of the gravies are great, so this way, you don't need to settle for just one. Their fries are really good, and they put on enough gravy without letting everything get too soggy. Perfect thing to eat while drinking a Kokanee and watching a hockey game!

Allium009 6 months ago

Bloody Caesar

Perfectly spiced.

Marshalldheim 7 months ago

French Dip

The BEST French dip I've had in ages. The curry poutine is awesome as well. Service is great, very friendly and checked up frequently. 10/10 would recommend!

Jpolsky about 2 months ago


Fries are over salted and got immediate heartburn.

Bloodyamyr 2 months ago


Poutine was awesome! Fries are fantastic and gravy was delicious.

Mercedes 3 months ago

Poutine Flight

The flight is amazing! So many flavors!!! The fries are fantastic, the cheese curds are ALWAYS fresh and the gravies will have you wanting more & more. The curry is a family favorite. Can't wait to go back for more!!!!

Inthiscrowdedroom 4 months ago

Poutine Flight

Seriously what more could you want? Incredible, flavor filled bites of poutine surrounded by hockey everywhere you look. Pure heaven.

Xjserx 4 months ago

Mackintosh Toffee

Worth fighting for. 🇨🇦

Djdw00 4 months ago


Hands down best place in town to catch your favorite hockey team. Came in on a Saturday and instead of having to watch College Football they had every NHL game games at once. Excellent poutine and good selection of drafts.

Chris 5 months ago

Chicken Tenders

Tastiest goddamned chicken strips in Seattle. Love this place! Best hockey bar in the PNW!

Wesley 5 months ago


I had the Poutine with country gravy. As a fan of poutine and a fan of southern dishes, this could not have hit the nail on the head more! I already considered the 'Beaver to be the champion of poutine in Seattle, but the country gravy style was on another level; keeps the essence of a traditional poutine plate, but with that little pit of perk and spice thanks to the sausage that makes you crave it beyond what a normal craving should. At least a 9/10 without breaking a sweat.

Olivia 6 months ago

Mackintosh Toffee

Love that The Angry Beaver offers Canadian foods–including candy! Really dug the Mackintosh Toffee but I'm especially thankful for the insider info to "Smack the Mack" before eating. The perfect post-poutine dessert!

Emorena345 6 months ago

Pot Roast Poutine

The Pot Roast Poutine is everything anyone could want from a Pot Roast and Poutine. The roast is cooked to perfection. It falls apart on your fork and melts in your mouth, perfectly cooked with all the right juices. The roast is laid gloriously on top of perfectly crispy fries. The dish would be exemplary just like that, but no, it evolves instead to a next level dish. Between the hot and juicy meat are Beecher's cheese curds succulently melted, adding a cheesy sweet and savory element to the dish truly setting it apart from the rest of the menu. If you can only have one item on the menu, make it the Pot Roast Poutine.

Kayla10162002 6 months ago

Pot Roast Poutine

I will drive through hell and high water to get to this pot roast poutine! Seriously... GET IN MA BELLY! The pot roast is perfectly cooked and seasoned, while the fries are nice and crispy. This will always be my pick me up meal if I'm having a bad day.

Twomanprod 7 months ago


Just like I'm eating it in Van City or the GTA...this is authentic poutine south of the border! Sometimes you can get this dish other places too dry or too wet, but the Beav put the right amount of gravy on. Looking forward to trying the Montreal smoked meat sandwich next...

Adamkaiserheim 7 months ago

French Dip

Great beef and very flavorful Auju, the bread really stood out in it too! I reccomend curry poutine, although the beef pot roast poutine was delicious as well. Was not expecting such delicious food here!


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